About Keple Ltd

The story of Keple starts from spring of 2015 with only one product line. The business has gone through rapid changes and significant milestones and is now one of the top influencers in the European consumer electronics market. Keple consists of 10 employees, has 2 offices in Europe and keeps products ready for next-day delivery in 7 countries.

Being based in Europe helps us to understand the daily needs of our customers. Our mission is to intend to simplify our customers’ life with smart solutions for their technological needs. 

At Keple, we strongly value innovation, customer satisfaction, data-driven decision making, automation, efficiency, and ethical practice. That’s why we are fully compliant towards our legal, social and corporate responsibilities.


Legal name: "KEPLE LTD". Registered in England and Wales by Companies House in Cardiff on 6th March 2015. Company registration number: 09474989.

UK headquarters address: Unit B23, Parkhall Business Centre, 40 Martell Road, London, SE12 9QA, United Kingdom.  EU compliance address: Glaubico 22, Vilnius, LT-14188, Lithuania. 

VAT registration numbers: GB209313139, DE317177205, CZ684340196, FR75838116978, IT00204019996, PL5263207853, ESN8268899E, ATU75820435. EORI registration number: GB209313139000, DE492958060698078. Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister LUCID (Germany): DE3994018535943.

"Keple" is a registered trademark under European Union Intellectual Property Office. Patent No: EUTM 017219759. The trademark is also registered under Intellectual Property Office which is operating name of the Patent Office in the United Kingdom. Patent No: UK00003109633. "Keple" trademark is registered in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Reg. No. 6,060,665.